This is Why I Sing

I am a songwriter.

A word-shaper. A storyteller.

I write songs too honest to be kept in a journal.

Songwriting is the only way I know how to deal with the enormous, overbearing well of emotions that rages inside of me. Inside of you. Of us. Of everyone.

Our country does not encourage feeling. It encourages logic and compartmentalization and practicality.

But we are wild.

Wild in our hearts, our souls, our passions.

We create, we destroy, we desire, we gasp, we dance.

Music has the incredible power to both contain and release our fullest selves.

The combination of lyric and melody is the intersection of our deepest feelings and our most collected thoughts. The mathematics of harmony brings sense to the infinity of our emotional pitches. We love music because it makes our most dangerous desires and unbearable grief safe to express. It tranforms our bleeding vowels into art.

Art that can be shared, performed, experienced.

Art that moves us out of the ordinary and into a magical sphere of creative joy where what was once terrifying, is now an act of love.

We are beautiful messes, all of us.

This is why I play music.
This is why I write songs.
This is why I sing.

Happy Tuesday.
❤ Kerri

Ready to Make a Change?


Please listen up because I’ve got something to share with you that I’m really passionate about. Something that has been helping me tremendously in such a short period of time and is an opportunity you should take advantage of.

It’s this thing called BodyTalk – which is an alternative holistic healing method that basically opens up pathways in your body that have been blocked by some sort of trauma or fear and lets them speak to one another again so the body can do it’s natural work of healing itself.

This works for ailments big and small, from real physical issues and diseases, to just that bummed out disconnected feeling from your body. If all you want to do is bring more joy into your life, BodyTalk can help you.

(In fact, I’m still reeling from the call last night. I had to pause this post to dance around in my chair to the amazing new album I’m listening to…Callithump, by Plume Giant – more on them another day!)
ANYWAY – Emily Sullivan, the wonderful woman who is my BodyTalk practitioner is having a free call tonight at 7pm Eastern Time where she’s going to be talking about the “5 Things You Need to Know to Heal and be Healthy.” These aren’t “Eat You Fruits and Vegetables” tips either – it’s about mindset and a deep understanding about how your body works.

The call lasts about an hour. You’ll go through a little BodyTalk session and get some valuable information. I swear I couldn’t stop smiling after the call last night. I described it as that “new love” feeling, where you just can’t contain how happy you are. It’s freaking wonderful.

So if you want a chance at this for yourself, please take a risk and join the call tonight at 7pm Eastern time. All you have to do is

CALL: (605) 477-2100

and use CODE: 1060792#

Then you’ll be connected to Emily and whoever else calls in and you’ll listen and learn and talk and do some actions. It’s best if you’re alone in a quiet place so you can really take everything in. And just be ready to let go of some of the things holding you back!

Please leave a comment or email me at if you have any questions, or better yet check out Emily Sullivan’s website and facebook page for more info!